After years of research and development, The American Shaving Corporation has introduced a unique grooming device designed specifically for men and women who suffer with ingrown hairs or razor bumps (PFB).
What is a RAZORAID?

Razoraid is a patented medical device that frees trapped ingrown hairs. Razoraid was developed for men and women in search of a safe, simple and effective way to eliminate ingrown hairs.

A. Razoraid is the most technologically advanced medical device for freeing trapped ingrown hairs.
B. Razoraid is designed for comfort and balance during ingrown hair extraction.
C. Razoraid is lightweight, portable and durable with a stainless steel rotable blade.
D. Razoraid can be used before, during and after shaving.
E. Razoraid frees trapped ingrown hair tips with speed, ease and accuracy without causing damage to the surrounding skin or follicle.
F. Razoraid is handcrafted for elegance with a non slip grip.
G. Razoraid is the first and only patented medical device proven to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with PFB.
H. Razoraid is registered with the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health.
I. Razoraid is dermatologist recommended.

Razoraid is 100% guaranteed.