Start your own home business selling Razoraids and Razoraid Shaving Products.

Every second people are presented with business opportunities, new ideas, and new ways of doing things. We invite you to evaluate what makes Razoraid one of the best new opportunities in the world.

Why Razoraid?

  1. Razoraid is an exclusive, first of its kind grooming product.
  2. Razoraid has verified research attesting to its claims and benefits.
  3. Razoraid ensures exclusivity with its patent and FDA registration.
  4. Razoraid is a division of the American Shaving Corporation.
  5. Razoraid’s marketing team consist of highly motivated, educated, experienced and committed individuals.

Be an insider… Be the first to hear about The American Shaving Corporation’s special offers and opportunities.

The American Shaving Corporation offers every sales representative an unconditional guarantee of personal service. The people behind Razoraid understand that successful selling is about people connecting with people. Our philosophy is growing your business through the power of Face-to-Face Networking. This is the motivation behind our unwavering commitment to every man and woman in our organization.

Who Will You Sell to?
One of the best sources for building a customer base is a group of people that you already know suffer with ingown hairs. These acquaintances will try the Razoraid and become your customers as they use, reorder and give you referrals.

We invite you to join the Razoraid family – People who will share your dreams, goals, and desires. We offer sales representative many benefits; some are financial, others are intangibles like the joy of helping others, working with friends, and the pride of owning your own business.

Getting started is easy

To become a successful sales representative all you need to do is: email us at with your full name, address, phone number and the best time to contact you. You can also contact us on facebook or twitter.

Our mission is to help you become financially independent.