After hitting product – shaving appears and then an arrow points to Razoraid.

A picture of a closed razoraid  appears on the page and in the bottom left hand corner it says details and in the bottom right hand corner of the picture the words buy now.

A flash appears with razoraid stuff.  at the bottom of the flash are three boxes running horizontal overview, reviews and FAQ.  When you hit overview the following appears:  After years of research and development, The American Shaving Corporations has  invented a unique grooming device designed specifically for men and women who suffer with Pseudofollulitis Barbae.  This device, known as Razoraid is the first and only patented medical device clinically proven to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with ingrown hairs.  Razoraid is  registered with the FDA Center for Devices and Radiological Health and dermatologist recommended.

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when you hit reviews we will put in reviews with stars

FAQ will pop up and we be as follows:

What are Razor Bumps

Welcome to the American Shaving Corporation’s web site, the official home of Razoraid.



Every day, more than one billion people around the world shave and many of them suffer with a condition know as Pseudofollulitis Barbae (Ingrown hairs and razor bumps).

What are Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps?

A great percentage of men and women suffer from a condition called ingrown hairs and razor bumps (Pseudofolicullitis Barbae).  This condition occurs when normal hairs grow inside tubes in the skin called follicles.  When shaved, the tip of the hair is left with a sharp point. (Diagram 1)

Diagram 1

As hair grows, this sharp tip curves back and pierces the skin. (Diagram 2 Extra follicular penetrations).

Diagram 2

Razor bumps can also form when shaving to close to the skin causes the hairs to be clipped off below the skin surface.  This allows the hair to penetrate the follicle instead of following its normal path to the skin’s surface. (Diagram 3 Tran follicular penetrations)

Diagram 3