Frequently Asked Questions


What are ingrown hairs, razor bumps, pseudofolloculitis barbae?

This is a foreign body inflammatory reaction involving papules and pustules.  It occurs when a curly hair reenters the skin, and or the sharp tip of a growing hair pierces the follicle wall.

Who gets ingrown hairs?

In the US about 10 -80% of adults black men have PFB, however any make or female with coarse or curly hair who shaves their face, head, underarm, bikini area or other body parts can be affected.

What is the Razoraid?

The Razoraid is a patented and FDA registered medical device used to free trapped hairs.

Are ingrown hairs preventable?

Only if you don’t shave.

Are ingrown hairs painful.  Not always, however they can be extremely painful.

Razoraid was clinically tested and proven to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with ingrown hairs.

Is Razoraid guaranteed to work?

Yes, Razoraid is unconditionally guaranteed.

How was Razoraid tested?

Razoraid was clinically tested using 100 women and 100 men. click for the results of the study.

How is Razoraid constructed?

Razoraid is constructed of stainless steel.  It is designed and handcrafted with a non slip handle for comfort and balance during ingrown hair extraction.  Razoraid is lightweight, portable and durable with a rotable blade.

What are Ingrown Hairs and Razor Bumps?

Diagram 1: Straight razors leave sharp hair tips

A very great percentage of men and women suffer from a condition called ingrown hairs and razor bumps (pseudofolicullitis barbae). Normal hairs grow inside tubes in the skin called follicles. When shaved, the tip of the hair is left with a sharp point. (Diagram 1)

As hair grows, this sharp tip curves back and pierce the skin. (Diagram 2)